A Review of 18channels.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 4.40.15 PM.png18channels is an ADHD blog that is no longer active but was a blog that I looked at when I first got diagnosed. Katy was actually part of my inspiration to start my own blog with my own experiences way back in the day that I have since deleted. Katy’s blog helped me realize I was not alone in being ADHD and that there was plenty of information out there to help me in my journey. Many of her experiences deeply resonated with my own. I am sad that she is no longer active on this site but her information is still readily available to others.

Katy’s blog covers a wide variety of topics. From coping skills, to the debate of medication or no medication, to other mental illnesses that often accompany ADHD. Her posts are easy to read and explain her real life struggles as well as informed explanations of the topics she is covering.  She also talks about parenting tips for kids with ADHD, which is a vital tool because many parents go about the wrong way with treating ADHD. Her blog is informative as well as entertaining and heartwarming.

Katy also contributes to Additude blogs, which is a website full of information on ADHD. She is a wonderful inspiration to those struggling with ADHD and I’m so glad to have refound her with the help of this project. I had lost track of her a few years ago and while I am saddened to see she no longer really keeps up with her blog or her twitter account, her blog is still something that could be a vital tool to help others diagnosed with ADHD. She had a great blog and she’s done an amazing job with it.


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