To Medicate or Not To Medicate.


Medication is the most common treatment for ADHD. The most popular being of course Ritalin and Adderall with Vyvance on the rise. People have been prescribing Ritalin less and less due to it’s severe side effects. Adderall is also on the downfall due to it’s highly addictive nature. Vyvance is now becoming the go-to drug for ADHD treatment because of it’s less intense side effects and less addictive nature. Here is an overview of the different kinds of ADHD medication, including Ritalin, Adderall, and Vyavnce. 

When I was first diagnosed, we tried medication. My doctor prescribed me 50 mg of Vyvance and I hated it. I hated how I felt while I was on it and I felt like it wasn’t actually helping me so I quit taking it. That was my freshman year of college and that was a tough year for me. I was in a major that wasn’t right for me and in a city that wasn’t right for me either. But once I fell into a routine, it was a little easier to handle. And then I moved and changed majors again and I was struggling again. So I went back to a doctor and got prescribed a low dose of Vyvance, only 30 mg this time. And this time, it was actually helping me.

But unfortunately with medication, you can start to develop tolerances. And that’s what happened to me. The Vyvance became less and less effect the longer I took it and I went up a dosage, to 40 mg, and was fine again. But again the same thing happened and I went up to 50 mg and then 60 mg. And I hated it. So once again, I am off medication. The side effects at 50 and 60 mg were too much for me, it became more of a hindrance instead of a help because all I could focus on were my side effects. So for me, medication was obviously not it. What I’ve found to be the most effective way for treating my ADHD is routine. Unfortunately in college, routine is hard to come by because your schedule changes every semester. But once I settle into a routine, create calendars filled with constant reminders, and with the help of my peers, I manage.


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