Blog Summary.

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The most effective tool for promoting this blog for believe was the tags I believe. Twitter I don’t think helped a whole lot mainly because I have a very small follower count on Twitter. My blog is a fairly specific blog type that I believe only people with ADHD really seek out. So I think in the future a better way to get my blog out there is to perhaps discuss other disorders that are associate with ADHD or to write posts to better explain ADHD to people who don’t have it. I will definitely better use tags in the future because I think that had a huge impact.

As you can see above, my most popular week was April 24th-April 29th, 2017. I think that was because of one post in particular, my post about a different perspective about it. It was a post that gave a more hopeful and optimistic view of ADHD, something I think my readers found appealing. My tips for dealing with it was also fairly popular too because it was helpful. I would definitely start doing more positive and helpful posts in the future instead of just spewing information at people.

My most popular post overall however was my introduction post and honestly that is simply because it was my first. The first post is usually the post popular one because it gives an idea of what your blog is going to be about. My twitter stats are fairly uninteresting, around 1k impressions with next to zero interactions, meaning people saw my posts but weren’t particularly interested in them. Here is an article with tips about improving your blog visibility. This whole experience was very interesting and I throughly enjoyed it.


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